Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale are set out below. These Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.



The colours shown on computer screen and printouts can vary between systems and the actual final printed product.

Our transfers are printed using a CMYK colour process, which means we cannot guarantee exact matches to those represented in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). We will do everything we can to match those colours.

Please be sure to specify any specific PMS colours you need printed.

Placing Orders

When placing orders, please include either a job description or an order number. This not only helps us to identify your specific job, but it also allows us to correctly reference the job for future re-orders. Please also include your contact details including your phone numbers, delivery addresses and ABN.

All orders are to be placed in writing via e-mail or in person. No orders or changes will be taken over the phone.


You may cancel your order at any time, however any preparation of artwork or work produced prior to cancellation must be paid for in full.

Artwork Proofs and Sales Orders

Before a job is processed, we will require the approval of the sales order and all relevant proofs. Please note that art references will not always be exactly to scale. Ensure you have thoroughly checked over the sales order and proofs and ensure everything is correct. No responsibility will be taken for errors once a proof has been approved.

Changes or Amendments

Any changes to your order (after approval has been given) may result in delays and additional charges. Once an order has been approved, production commences straight away. Be sure everything is correct before approval is given.


Positioning of prints onto garments will vary slightly between items and jobs. Prints will be positioned in general places to the discretion of staff. We cannot guarantee exact positioning on every shirt, there will be variations in positions.



In some cases, depending on the colour and type of material being decorated, the heat used to apply prints may cause discoloration of the garments. This happens especially with (but not limited to) red and black garments. This is unfortunately out of our control. The colour of the garment should return to normal after a few washes.


Please ensure your stock arrives well before the deadline for your order. This is to ensure we have adequate time to check the stock and ensure everything has been received and prepared for printing.

Please label each box with your name and an order number (or a description of the job)

If stock is being delivered to us by a third party, please ensure they label the boxes with your name so there is no confusion.

Make sure you check your stock and quantities beforehand. We will only decorate the quantity ordered.

Dye Migration

In some cases, it is possible for the dye from the garment to migrate through the print causing it to discolour. This generally occurs with polyester garments, especially sublimated garments. It can occur immediately or even weeks after because of washing and wearing. Due to the manufacture processes of garments, it is not uncommon that some lots will cause dye migration more than other lots.

This is beyond our control and we accept no responsibility for spoils occurring due to dye migration. This can occur across the board, whether the garment decoration is via digital transfer or traditional screen printing.

We will do our best to adjust practices to avoid dye migration.



Due to the nature of any decoration service, spoils can occur for reasons unknown and that are beyond our control. Spoils or returns of a small percentage of the job are inevitable and we take no responsibility for these. We will not replace the items or print costs.

Where there are a high percentage of faults, deemed to be the result of Promoplex, we will replace the decoration service only. We will not refund money, but will deduct the amount from your invoice or apply a credit to your account. The majority of times we are providing clients with a decoration service only. In the event of spoils or returns, we will only replace the decoration service, not the items being decorated.

In the event that all items are required, we recommend you supply or have extra items in your possession for purposes to filling the order.

In the event of a pending return, we will only accept returns in writing after 14 days from the invoice date. Returned goods will not be accepted unless we acknowledge the claim in writing.


Garments are to be washed in cold water only. Do not use aggressive washing agents as this will affect the life of your garment and print. When possible hand wash your garments instead of using a washing machine. Do not Dry Clean, use in dryer or iron over prints.


Promoplex supplies garments from a wide range of suppliers. We only provide information that has been given or advertised by the supplier in question. Colours may vary between batches of apparel items, meaning a shirt you purchased 1 year ago, may look different in colour if you purchased the same shirt today. Same can be said for sizing. Most items are made in bulk, meaning some variations can occur from the advertised sizes to the finished product. Slight variations in colour and sizeing can be expected.

Credit Terms

For those customers on 30 day accounts, payment terms are strictly 30 days end of month. Any disputes must be in writing and submitted no later than 14 days after the date of the invoice.

We reserve the right to charge a 2.5% compounding interest and administration charger per month on all overdue amounts. We will provide you every oppuninity to pay any outstanding amounts however if attempts to come to an arrangement have failed, we will charge interest on future amounts and back date the interest from the period where the amount fell overdue.

Any debt collection costs associated with recovery of debt will be payable by the customer.


General Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. The goods invoiced remain the property of Promoplex until they are paid for in full.
  2. Once goods are used and applied to any garments or other items, Promoplex takes no responsibility for damages and no refunds can be given.
  3. Promoplex takes no responsibility for issues with transfers applied by third parties.
  4. Upon acceptance of a quote and or a sales order, your order is put directly into production. You may cancel or change your order at any time; however, any setups or products printed must be paid for in full. You also acknowledge that the artwork supplied is deemed complete and correct. Upon confirmation for production, you acknowledge that you have checked the sizes, quantity required and that the artwork complies with the file requirements set down by Promoplex.
  5. Transfers will only be re-printed free of charge if the issue was a direct result of Promoplex. No responsibility will be taken for errors in the artwork made by a customer and any incorrect artwork that has been printed prior to cancellation or awareness must be paid for in full.
  6. Promoplex takes no responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit and while every care is taken in appropriately packing all goods, mishaps can occur as a result of the postage/courier service used.
  7. Upon receiving goods, it is your responsibility to check them for any errors and that the correct amount has been received. Any problems must be reported within 14 days from date of invoice.  Any problems reported within those 14 days will be investigated to determine where the fault lies. If you use the transfers then determine there is a fault either as a result of Promoplex or the client after they are used, it will be up to the discretion of Promoplex to decide if we will replace the transfers. We will not replace the apparel the transfers have been applied onto.
  8. By submitting artwork you acknowledge that you are the copyright holder or if this is not the case, you have permission to use the artwork by the copyright holder.  You understand that any copyright infringement found is your sole responsibility and you will be held fully accountable for any criminal charges laid.
  9. Any artwork created, designed, redrawn or modified by Promoplex remains the property of Promoplex.
  10. Promoplex takes no responsibility for defects in garments, material or apparel/promotional items supplied by clients. If we are supplying you with a print only service and there are any errors found to be the direct fault of Promoplex, only the print service will be replaced. Problems, which are out of Promoplex’s control, can occur during the processes it takes to decorate your items


By accepting the sale you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.